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Posted by misterbright - March 22nd, 2023

Rest in peace, General Forum

Still barely know what went down in there that led to it gettin closed. If anyone wants to fill me in, I wouldn't say no. You can be as detailed as you want.

Honestly, I haven't been paying attention to the art forum very much in general mostly cuz nothing is really goin on in there. You can find me in my usual other places if you need me or you like me and wanna chat with me or something (I may hav a discord but only for the coolest people, you'll have to inquire about that privately).

Still pluggin away at arts n such.




It makes sense the Politics forum got the axe. I friggin’ go to Twitter and YouTube for that kind of malarkey, and even that’s in small doses at most! But General? There must’ve been quite a stir to abandon that forum altogether!

Literally no one is upset that Politics is gone. Nothing of value was lost.

Honestly, that forum was an eyesore! Not once have I ever gone to it, but topics from there keep showing up in the main forum page: thus making the page as a whole look ugly in the process.
I agree, good riddance!

@OviManic @misterbright Finally, Newgrounds can be my one and only escape from people who take their personal politics way too darn seriously. People who claim to care about the “issues” but in reality get stuck in petty “culture wars” about whether some Disney remake lines up PERFECTLY with their unhinged worldviews are a waste of Internet bandwidth.

Aren’t the forums mostly dominated by bored teenagers, too? Meaning they probably don’t care about this stuff at all, likely aren’t old enough to vote and make their views actually matter, and are probably just parroting the nonsense their parents put on the TV all day? Good riddance to that if it’s even remotely true.

All I know about the General Forums is that I got scouted by some guy who seemed to be a regular there, but seems to post a lot of worrying blog and forum posts, pick fights with this one specific user, and ultimately got accused by Tom Fulp himself of pedophilia. I’ve wisely avoided engaging with the user beyond thanking them for Scouting me into the Art Portal, and keep my own art and posts relatively tame (though that has more to do with me wanting to work at more kid-friendly companies like Dreamworks at some point), but I’m well aware of the consequences if even some person who scouted me turns out to be a bad actor, and now I have to check daily if my stuff is still allowed in the Art Portal…

i'll scout u if u get unscouted

@misterbright Thanks!

@OviManic @misterbright

Kinda makes you wonder why Newgrounds even had a Politics forum to begin with.

From what i heard, the people in this site is wanting BBS is to be removed since 2010, and yeah, people some can be a jerk and make a continuous drama in general BBS, aswell as malachy banned the most popular account (DrunkGecko and Seth) (Drunk Gecko make a new account, but i forget what is the name was)