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misterbright's News

Posted by misterbright - 23 hours ago

I don't care anymore...

If people wanna look at my drawings, that's great. If they don't, that's fine too.

No more being overly dramatic or trying to bait people into taking an interest in me. If anyone really cares how i'm doing/feeling, they can ask me directly.

I just wanna improve...

I just wanna create...

I just wanna draw...




Posted by misterbright - 2 weeks ago

EDIT EDIT: I got covid n i'm sick, in case you were wondering.

EDIT: Random people keep following me. I'm scared now.

Well that's a shock to the system...

Two weeks ago I was seemingly losing a bunch of followers. In the past couple of days, i've gotten EVEN MORE followers than I had before people started leaving (some of which had good reason atleast, don't be mean to people). I know why though. It's because I started the "Mister Bright Draws OC Request" thread. People wanna keep an eye on me to see when round 2 starts. That's fine, I guess, but atleast let me finish round 1 before thinkin about round 2.

I was gonna wait till 150, but there's never a bad time to celebrate good things. Thanks to everyone who pressed follow this past week. I'm well past what I had previously and then some. Even if you're just here for free stuff, it's better than not being here at all...and maybe while you're here you will get converted into someone who actually likes what I make. I can be very convincing from time to time.

All this positive energy directed at me has done me a lot of good too. It's helped me sort some story ideas out and FINALLY come up with a premise for my fighty punchy kicky city urban battle story thing i've been tooling around with for a long time. It's not going to be the most unique thing in the world, but I hope it'll be fun atleast. I have an idea finally for how the MC will look. Piper and Mako's personalities will change up a bit. I've got a couple new character ideas AND some environment ideas. I've also thought up something new that I wanna do after all these OC requests are finished. Something silly and halloweeny and fun.

If you'll excuse me, i've got more OCs to draw. I'm still committed to doing all 10. I've got 7 to go so there is plenty that needs to be done.


^me absorbing all the positive energy^



Posted by misterbright - 1 month ago

EDIT: I guess there is an exodus of followers. I'm sad now. I wish I knew why they were leaving. Sorry for letting you down I guess...

I don't usually delete posts that have comments or reactions, but that last one was too cringy to look at anymore.

I don't really have anything to say, but the last REAL post was in May and it's July now. I'm probably just going to keep my emotions off these news posts unless it's going to halt all art production. It's not very beneficial to myself or others. I'll just keep those things to myself from now on. I'm just a very lonely old loser who has no friends or anyone to connect with or talk about things I like with or even any girls to have a crush on. I just sort of exist in a void by myself. It's not fun. That's the last thing i'll say about that though because it's not productive or beneficial to myself or others so it doesn't need to be said anymore. Shrug.

Not really working on anything at the moment. I don't really have any ideas. I don't really know what to make. My urge to draw n color is very "on and off" these days.

I find myself trying to make the same kinds of things over and over again. I'm very aware of this so you don't need to tell me again. I think it's because I just want to "get it right this time" but also because it's too comfortable a thing to do. I don't wanna try new things because if I don't like what i've made i'll feel like I wasted all my time and I won't have something I can upload. That's not a healthy thought to have because the only way we can get better and grow is to try new things and explore outside our comfort zones. You just become stagnant if you stay in the same place forever.

I won't delete this post like the last couple. It'll stay up till I have something new to say or show or whatever. I promise (*fingers crossed behind back*).




Posted by misterbright - May 20th, 2022

Today marks my 2nd anniversary here on the newest of grounds (with this account atleast, i've been here longer than some of you have been alive)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has rubbed their eyes on my art works over the two years i've been putting it on this website. I've definitely improved since I started and that makes me "happy". Hopefully, there will be a lot more improvements to come in year 3. I started making an art to commemorate the anniversary like I did last year, but it's probably not going to be done any time soon. I'd also like to thank all the people who decided to follow my page and all the nice people i've talked to on these new grounds. I promise there will be more arts of questionable quality and many more memes being posted on the forums in the 3rd year. I love all of you (no homo unless ur a girl, then call me).

I'm debating whether or not i'm in a good enough mood to do Pico and Piconjo days in june, but it's not looking good right now. They help grow the follower numbers and that's important, but I dunno if I can do it. I guess we'll see. It's not totally off the table, but don't be surprised or upset if there isn't anything this year. Just sayin. I'm still in a bad place right now but hopefully things are going to start looking up soon.

The big thing I want to do in this third year is atleast flesh out my city urban battle fighting story. Piper is going to get one last fix and then we are moving on. Mako will be making her return with a new look too. I've also been going hard to gathering dude references so hopefully the MC will make his debut as well. I have more ideas for characters and story ideas so that's cool too.

I'd also like to try animating again. I've been considering grabbing a new display tablet for my computer to use things like blender n other programs I can't use on my eye pad. It would be cool to have a whole animated show I can post here like all the other flash shows i've watched over the years. That's prolly still super far off, but it's something to aspire for.

I've typed enough and if you read all of this, thanks bby ;)

Here's to year 3 and many more years to come!

~Mr. B




Posted by misterbright - May 17th, 2022


...i don't know what to do anymore -_-



Posted by misterbright - April 26th, 2022


I have something to upload tomorrow and i'm really excited for people to see it. I think it's my favorite gal i've ever drawn...



Posted by misterbright - April 8th, 2022

I'm not dead




Posted by misterbright - March 1st, 2022

It's march and I thought i'd feel better by now, but I don't. I don't have much energy to do anything, let alone draw something. I've tried numerous times, but I either can't do it properly or I don't have any ideas. All I wanna do is very little and I don't know why this happened. It's not like anything is worse than it was a year ago. If anything, it's technically better. So why am I so deflated? I dunno...

I'm going to be taking a break until further notice. I don't really know what to do right now. I don't know when it's going to get better either. I'm just going to stop thinking about it for a little while. Hopefully it doesn't last too much longer, but I have no idea. I'll see you when I see you I guess :\



Posted by misterbright - February 9th, 2022

I'll be honest, i've been feeling rather deflated this month. I wanna draw some stuff but I don't have the energy to do much right now. There are ideas brewing but I either don't feel confidant about tackling them or I don't have much interest in pursuing right now. I might try to draw up some simple maps of places as I feel it would help me draw stuff to world build n such (plus it is low effort).

I've tried starting a few things but none of them have paid off much. I don't wanna give up on one of them so i'll keep it in my pocket until later.

This is gonna be a slow, not much uploaded kind of month I guess



Posted by misterbright - January 27th, 2022

I never made a post about hitting some milestones near the end of last year so i'm going to make one now I guess...

We've hit over 100 fans and I couldn't be more grateful to everyone for pressing that little follow button (and not unfollowing). I love you all and I hope to make many new and exciting things this year that I hope you all enjoy.